More Prints, Please!





I’ve become a little obsessed with prints lately. The summer is the perfect time to explore different prints and patterns, especially warm colored ones. The spring time is for pastels and lighter colors but the summer is a time to take a step outside of the box.

This dress is from Love Culture, which I got dirt cheap all the way back during Black Friday. Now that the weather is finally right, I can wear it! I paired this checkered dress with my black booties. It’s a perfect pair to wear with this dress because the black accents the black in the dress and allows the yellows and browns to be the focus of the outfit. 

What I love about this dress is the unique cut. The top of it is an H-line style with a bottom flare in the skirt. I don’t have any other dress like it, hence why I immediately bought it.

I kept my makeup and hair really simple since the dress is quite bold by itself. I did a nude lip and a natural brown eye shadow. Remember to keep everything else simple when you’re wearing an extravagant print.

Take a step away from the same old solid color dresses and spice up your look with a print! 


Braid On Braids On Braids

I get sick of the same old hairstyles that I usually do: down or in a bun. It’s a nice change it up and with doing so, I’ve found a new style to rock. This style is just braids on braids on braids.

I first started with a part in the middle and braided two small french braids identically on each side of the part, making sure not to braid all of my hair into those two braids. I left a small section in the middle back of my head to braid. Once I had three separate braids, I braided those together into one and whalah!

This is a super easy style that would go great with a casual or even dressy outfit. It keeps your hair out of your face and when you take them out, you’ll have some cute waves!

Make A B-Line for the H-Line This Summer



For the past couple of years, gladiator sandals have been a summer staple to any outfit. This consistent seasonal trend has been making it onto the runway and the Chloè 2014 resort collection has its futuristic spin of gladiators. The entire collection is an immaculate illustration of simplicity with a twist of elegance from the basic ensembles and colors mixed with a few blue and mustard yellow pieces for color blocking, in addition to textures and patterns.

The 2014 resort collection is made up of either loosely fitted trouser outfits or H-line dresses. Both styles are fool-proof for the basic woman looking for an elegant yet simple look. The shoes in this collection are just as elegant from the gold blocked futuristic gladiators to the chunky heel sandals.

When viewing the Chloè collection, I couldn’t help but notice the gold blocked gladiators, as I have a very similar pair that were shown in the collection. Having a new fad for H-line dresses this summer, I found it very easy to throw together the two pieces and create an all inspired Chloè summer look.

There are one or two patterned H-line dresses in the collection that sparked the idea to wear my gold patterned dress. The tones of the dress go nicely with the gold blocked gladiators that I similarly have.  For accessories, I choose simple round sunglasses. There was no need for any jewelry since the pattern was bold and the gold on my gladiators are a nice “blingy” accent. Makeup-wise, I chose to keep the look entirely edgy with a dark burgundy lip. You don’t always need jewelry…shoes and makeup are accessories of their own!

This is an easy look to go for and aside from the dress being cool and comfortable for summer, it is also a dress that suits many different body types. As seen in the collection, many of the outfits are extremely loose fitted, therefore, I wanted to choose a dress that went along with the Chloè collection as a whole.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a tight bodycon dress for that special summer outing, you can’t go wrong with a patterned H-line dress. Not only is it flowy so you can breath, you will look good in it no matter what! 

(Very top left photo from 2014 Resort Collection)

Hello there, Australia



Ello, mates! As many of you know, I am abroad right now studying fashion in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve only been here for two days but I’ve already fallen in love! 

It’s crazy to think about how far I am from home. I’m literally on the other side of the world and it’s just amazing to experience a completely different place. 

Our first two days were spent doing some ‘touristy’ type of things. We wanted to get familiar with our campus and the city before we venture out on our own for classes. We’ve visited St. Kilda Beach which was gorgeous and have eaten at a few ethnic restaurants. 

Today, we went downtown to do a little shopping. I was excited to explore the shopping scene and do some window shopping through the boutiques. ‘Wow’ is all I can say. Amazing clothing and amazing stores…but amazing-ly high prices! 

I’m excited for my time here and I plan to make the best of it! 

The 2014 Oscar Awards


The 2014 Oscar Awards are among us and I’m super excited to see the fashion this evening (oh, and who wins)! I put together a collage of what my Oscar looks would consist of because since I obviously can’t attend the glamorous event, I can still dream of what I’d wear! 

I put together two separate looks: one is a dark blue and gold accented ensemble and the other is a gold and burgundy ensemble. Both looks aim to be elegant but more complex than the basic Hollywood look.

Since the first dress is quite busy with the gold pattern, the makeup for this would would be more natural toned with a nude lip and neutral brown eye makeup. When there’s a lot going on with the dress, it’s smart to keep your make up as simple as possible.

This doesn’t hold true for my second look because although the dress has a lot of detail, the color is so neutral that it would be appropriate to jazz up your makeup look. Burgundy lipstick with a burgundy and olive clutch would compliment each other (and the dress) really well…and I currently have a slight obsession with darker colored lipsticks. 

The shoes for both looks are simple and the heels are lower. Since the gowns are the focus and will most likely cover the shoe, there’s no need to wear uncomfortable platform heels. 

Of course I wish I could attend this event myself so I could dress up and see all the amazing celebs, but I’ll definitely be tuning in tonight! Whose fashion are you looking forward to seeing? Oh, and who do you want to win an Oscar? (I’m rooting for Leo)!! 


Alpha Xi Delta Theme Party


On Saturday, I got to go to a Date Theme party with my good friend Sarah. We had to come up with a “perfect pair” theme and with St. Patty’s Day coming up, what better “perfect pair” than a Leprechaun and a pot of gold?! 

Sarah was the Leprechaun (and her gorg red hair went perfectly). She wore a green dress and paired it with a thin orange belt. It was an adorable outfit that matched perfectly for a Leprechaun but is versatile enough to wear as a casual summer outfit as well. 

I was the pot of gold. For my outfit, I decked out in gold with a goldish dress and a lot of gold jewelry. Initially, I wore heels but since we had to walk across town in single digit weather, I opted out and threw on my combat boots.

Both outfits went nicely with our theme but are still outfits we could wear any day. We drew a line between costumes and cute outfits.

Unfortunately, we did not win the costume contest but all in all, it was a fun night out with a bestie! 

If you were to go to a theme party, what would you want to be? 


Beanie Revolution


image Internship


It’s pivotal to get as much experience as possible in the specific area that you are pursuing as a career. When I saw that CollegeFashionista was looking for college interns for different campuses around the country, and even around the world, I gave it a chance and applied. What did I have to lose? 

I was pretty excited to find out that I was accepted and was going to be a Style Guru photographer and writer for the men’s column for the University of Iowa campus. So far, this internship has been a great learning experience!

If you’re interested in fashion journalism, I would suggest anyone passionate to apply next semester! I get to explore the fashions on the campus and dissect them (in a good way!) through writing.

My posts are published every Tuesday on the site, so definitely check me out!

Here’s a link to my Style Guru Bio and from there, you can see a few of my other articles published:


Over my winter break (while I wasn’t working, bleh), I flew out to New York City to visit my mom. It was a much needed little vacation and I absolutely love NYC, so I was psyched to stay downtown in the Waldorf Astoria on Christmas Day and visit Rockefeller Plaza to see the big Christmas Tree. 

It was pretty cold, since it was December, so I wore a long coat that my mom gave to me (hand-me-downs, holla!) but I loooved it. She bought it in Amsterdam on a trip a while back. I paired the gray jacket with my brown, knee high boots from Charlotte Russe. It was a warm, simple, city look. 

We did some window shopping as well…because let’s be honest, I can’t afford most of the stuff in the name brand stores that I love (Chanel, BCBG, Gucci, ect.) and I had to take a picture of the displays from BCBG. I absolutely loved the all white, classy display at the front of the store and I fell completely in love with the jeweled overlay on the black dress (sorry for the reflective pictures, iPhones are no SLR cameras). 

We ate out quite a lot but one of my favorite places was a cute little Macaron coffee shop. We stopped for some breakfast tea and the place couldn’t have been any cuter! It’s right on 3rd Ave so if you’re ever in NYC definitely pay a visit. The place is just way too adorable not to!

My trip to NYC was way too short but I cannot wait to go back. Thank God my mom lives a 25 minute train ride away from Grand Central Station. See you soon NYC.


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